Detecting breast cancer early will save your life
Are You Dense? Fact #3
The addition of a single screening ultrasound to mammogram increases detection of breast cancers that are small and node-negative.

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Dr. Nancy Cappello's Story

I did what the medical field and the countless number of cancer advocacy groups told me. I ate healthy, exercised daily, had yearly mammograms AND had no first-degree relative with breast cancer. Little did I know... Read More

April diagnosed with invasive breast cancer within 5 weeks of her Normal mammogram

Her report never mentioned that she had dense breasts/no discussion with her primary care physician about the impact of her dense breasts on MISSED cancer. Read More

"I'm lucky to live in Connecticut as my INVASIVE cancer, invisible by mammography, was detected by ultrasound," says Jan.

I am benefitting personally from the work Dr. Cappello & the CT legislature & report to all about the IMPACT of dense breast tissue on missed & thus later-stage breast cancer. Read More

Far from 'NORMAL' as Mindy's THREE invasive cancers found within a month of her "normal' mammography report

Mindy heard about HER dense breasts and its IMPACT on missed, delayed and later stage cancer AFTER her diagnosis.  Read More

Despite family history of breast cancer, dense breasts & NORMAL mammo, 'luck' found Cynthia's invasive cancer.

Invasive cancer, invisible by mammography, seen by ultrasound  Read More

"Dense Breasts are a challenge" Wendy is told AFTER her invasive cancer diagnosis within 3 months of her NORMAL mammogram

Invisible by mammography, Wendy is diagnosed with 3 cm invasive cancer metastasized to lymph nodes. Read More

Karen appeals insurance company's decision denying procedure recommended by physician for her breast surveillance

Diagnosed with breast cancer that was NORMAL on mammography, Karen appealed her insurance company's decision to a judge after denying coverage of BSGI, the technology which detected her cancer. Read More

Connecticut Woman's Breast Cancer in BOTH breasts missed by mammography - found by ultrasound

Claudia's doctor recommended an ultrasound even though her mammogram was 'normal' because of her dense breast tissue and most likely because she lives in Connecticut. Cancer was found in BOTH breasts.  Read More

Even with a strong family history AND dense breasts, Julie's physicians NEVER recommended additional screening

Julie's advanced 7 cm cancer metastasized to her lymph nodes was found within weeks of her annual exam and 10 months after her "normal" happy gram mammography results. Read More

Carol's stage IV diagnosis came within 4 months of a 'NORMAL' mammogram

I wish I knew - ALL women should be told about their dense tissue.  Read More

Ultrasound discovered a 7 CM cancer spread to lymph nodes within 5 months of Celeste's "normal" mammogram

Why had none of my previous physicians or mammogram reports ever mentioned the risks of dense tissue? Read More

Connecticut's landmark 2009 legislation instrumental in Sharon's EARLY stage 'invasive' cancer diagnosis

Sharon's early stage cancer was diagnosed by ultrasound within weeks of Connecticut's landmark legislation. Read More

Sandy uses her voice to tell her sister Carol's story of MISSED cancer year after year until discovered at Stage 4

A heartwarming and heartwretching story of two sisters and the impact of dense breast tissue on Early Detection. Read More

"I never knew about my dense breast tissue," says Nurse Fran after being diagnosed with stage 3A breast cancer within months of a normal mammogram.

"I tell all my friends to ask about their doctors about their dense tissue." Read More

Invasive Cancer detected after NYTimes article on Are You Dense Inc. prompts Antonia to have an ultrasound

"I am grateful" Read More

"I was floored and reeling beyond belief that I had advanced cancer with 16 metastasized nodes within days of a NORMAL mammogram," exclaims Cindy.

I am working with the Massachusetts Density Awareness Coalition (MDAC) to pass legislation to protect women from missed and later stage cancers. Read More

Edward speaks for his wife Rita who died within 3 months of her NORMAL mammogram - stage 4 breast cancer undetected - DENSE breasts.

" We were together for almost 40 years. If we had only known more."  Read More

An 8 CM breast cancer within four months of a "normal" mammogram. Another sad but common story of missed cancer. Let's change this NOW!

Teresa was shocked at her advanced stage diagnosis as she had a "normal" mammogram months before. This was the first time she was told she had dense breast tissue. Why is this information being kept from women? Read More

I would rather have a biopsy that comes back "normal" than a "normal" mammogram that is FALSE!

Five months after a "normal" mammogram, Angela felt a lump and visited her physician where a diagostic mammogram still "saw" nothing. The ultrasound did confirm a mass which was later diagnosed as cancer. Read More

Two months after a "normal" mammogram, Ursula was diagnosed with Stage 2A breast cancer.

Even Ursula's doctor was not concerned with her lump since she just had a "normal" mammogram. The pathology report revealed a 2 cm tumor with two cancerous lymph nodes.  Read More

"Breast Cancer does not hurt" said Celia's physician - so it must be a cyst.

Three months after Celia's normal mammogram, Celia was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer - agressive 10 CM tumor in all 4 quadrants of her breast. Read More

A 3.5 invasive cancer found two months after a NORMAL mammogram.

MaryBeth had years of "normal" mammograms and, even with her family history AND dense breast tissue, she was never offered additional screening tests. Read More

Unknown to Susan, the radiologist's report to her doctor read "extremely dense breasts, could hide lesions" yet her doctor insisted that her lumps must be cysts, since her mammogram was 'normal'.

Doctors are consultants - Remember It's Your Body. If you have dense breasts insist on more than a mammogram! Read More

My Radiologist and Physician knew that my Extremely Dense Tissue would obscure cancer on mammogram - YET no one told ME!

The radiologist's report to my doctor stated that my breasts were extremely dense which reduced the sensitivity of the mammogram to "find" my invasive cancer. Read More

Sheila's 'normal' mammography report arrived the day after the tragic news of her aggressive invasive cancer.

Sheila had to nearly arm wrestle her doc for a biopsy - and a triple negative cancer was reported that was concealed within her dense breast tissue. Read More

Lisa writes, "I want to tell you how grateful I am for you."

Lisa counts herself 'lucky' to live in Connecticut where physicians must inform women of their dense breast tissue.  Read More

Vanda reports,"Had it not been for the ultrasound & MRI, I would have been sent home yet again - Feeling Safe!

I had no idea what it meant to ME to have DENSE BREASTS. Read More

Results of Connecticut Law - A small, early stage cancer found on an otherwise "normal" mammogram!

Joanne exclaims, "I've been wanting to know who pushed for the new laws about dense breast tissue and insurance coverage for ultrasounds. I am so grateful to you for all your hard work. You also saved my life and there are no words to thank you."  Read More

Mammogram missed Marci's aggressive Her2-positive breast cancer which was later found by ultrasound.

Three months after a "normal" mammogram, Marci felt a lump in her breast. Ultrasound revealed a 1 inch mass later diagnosed as cancer. Her doctor did not "think" the cancer spread to her nodes. The pathology report revealed 8 cancerous lymph nodes. Read More

Nine months before her 5.5 CM invasive tumor was discovered, Carrie's "Happy Gram" report said " Negative mammogram with no evidence of malignancy."

An educated medical professional, Nurse Carrie never knew about her dense tissue and the fact that mammogram misses every other cancer in dense breasts. Isn't it time to tell ALL women about their dense breast tissue?  Read More

"IF IT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER" said Brenda's doctor when she requested a MRI because of her dense breast tissue

Brenda was not satisfied with the screening and diagnostic tools that were used to find LCIS so she requested a MRI. Read More

"I had a false sense of security" exclaims Susan!

Susan's screening protocol consisted of a mammogram - even though she had DENSE tissue and a sister who was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 41.  Read More

From Stage 0 to Stage IV in a matter of months. Why wasn't Lori offered an additional screening tool to supplement her annual mammograms because of her breast density?

Lori was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer despite 7 years of "normal" mammograms.  Read More

Roberta heard about dense breast tissue but never knew what it meant to her. Six months after a "normal" mammogram, she felt a lump which was later confirmed to be an advanced stage breast cancer!

Learning from her own tragedy of a late stage diagnosis, Roberta exclaims, "Now I know what dense breast tissue is. I vow to expose the secret of dense breast tissue so that other women will not have to travel this road! Read More

Elaine's cancer was a massive 9 cm tumor - NOT seen on mammogram but found on Ultrasound!

"How many stories do we need to hear before additional screening is the norm for women with dense breasts" shouts Elaine! Read More

Her2-Positive Breast Cancer was detected by MRI not mammogram.

Even though her mammogram saw "nothing" Collin, who had dense breasts, felt that something was not right as the rash on her breast did not go away - so she fought for an MRI and cancer was found! Read More

Deborah's mammography report stated that there were no findings of cancer yet her gynecologist recommended an ultrasound because she has dense breast tissue and an early stage 1 cancer was found!

Deborah received a letter stating that her mammogram was fine yet within weeks cancer was found. What if her gynecologist did not recommend an ultrasound as a routine supplemental screening because Debbie has dense breast tissue? Read More

Mammogram failed to find second cancer on Linda who had breast cancer 7 years before!

Linda asks, "why didn't the medical professionals recommend an ultrasound or MRI as a supplement to the mammogram for a patient who is high risk for recurrence?" Read More

Early Stage Cancer found by routine ultrasound screening!

Please ask your doctor if you need an ultrasound as part of your annual screening. It might save your did mine says Lynne. Read More

Bilateral Mastectomy after ultrasound finds 2 cm tumor that mammogram missed!

Barb is very thankful that her surgeon recommended ultrasound as a screening tool. Read More

Two months after a "normal" mammogram, Patty had a mastectomy!

Three tumors found by ultrasound after a "normal" mammogram just two months prior. Read More

Ultrasound found cancer on otherwise "normal" mammogram!

Pat was very fortunate that her Radiologist recommended an ultrasound on an otherwise "normal" mammogram.  Read More

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